In the changing world, where education is evolving every moment and so is learning, it is time to re-examine the teaching-learning process. We need to place the “Child is the Curriculum” in a fresh perspective. Every child is unique and has his/her own way of acquiring knowledge, attitudes, values and skills. The charm and challenge lies in how effectively an educator can address every child's diversified learning need and sense of enquiry, to enable a child to discover, derive and further explore.

LIS integrated curriculum is a thematic learning programme that builds on the child's existing knowledge through establishing a correlation with different domains of learning. It transports them to a higher level of thinking & provides them with a plethora of opportunities to be meaningfully engaged in tandem with their interests and intelligences. This gives the children multiple ways of expressing themselves.

Education is not about making them literate, restricting them to writing and reading; it's about expanding their mental horizons, broadening their thinking, enriching their experiences, empowering them with knowledge and skills, inculcating values, developing their personal and social skills, making them self-reliant and regulated, imparting awareness about health and safety, building a sense of physical wellness, igniting their enquiry skills and creating a need for citizenship. It is necessary for them to be technologically savvy and strengthen their mathematical acumen, in order to make them the prospective leaders of tomorrow.

Therefore, we have formed several clubs which includes:

  • Dance & Music Club: This club caters to all the famous dancing styles, Vocal and Instrumental form
  • Sports Club: Qualified trainer to provide coaching in both indoor and outdoor gam
  • Artistic Hands Club: This club helps children to explore their creativity through sculpture, model making and art & craft activitie
  • Fitness Club: Being Fit & Healthy is today's mantra. We focus on physical as well as mental health of the children. We have Yoga, Aerobics & PT for all the class
  • Photography Club: Children are very expressive these days when it comes to click a picture. To hone their skills in this form of art, we have trained professional for this club.

Materials And Resources

Every learning classroom, whether it is in a home environment or centre based setting must be a comfortable, safe and nurturing environment where children can interact with manipulatives and materials to enhance skill development. Our children discover and understand Science, Social Studies and Math information when they actively explore materials and ideas that are guided by teachers who intentionally design activities that engage children in critical thinking and processing.


In LIS, learning occurs within the context of play and active learning strategies where children are engaged in concrete and hands – on discovery, experimentation and interaction with materials, their peers and nurturing adults.

LIS educators help construct knowledge during these active learning times by designing activities that build on children's prior knowledge to create understanding and information.


Our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum Framework that reminds us as to what information should be given within each of the Key Learning Areas.

Clear Standards

Our school's standards are based on the National Curriculum Framework and built on information learnt previously creating a continuum of learning and linked learning that begins in infancy, gradually getting more challenging as it extends through high school.

The instruction is based on the following pedagogies and approaches:

  • Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning
  • Reggio Emilia's Fundamental Principles
  • Jean Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development
  • Howard Gardner's Model of Multiple Intelligence
  • Maria Montessori's Methods of Education
  • Kohl Berg's Theory of Social Development
  • Erikson's Theory of Social Development
  • Vygotsky Zone of Proximal Development
  • Baron – Cohen's Theory of Mind
  • 21st Century Skills
  • Constructivist Theory
  • SAMR
  • Whole Brain Theory and many more.


Our educator observes and assesses children's abilities, interests and achievements using standards as a guide. The interventions are a part of everyday's practice. The educator revises activities, adjusts lesson plans and accommodates children's individual difference which allows children to master skills at their own pace.

Core Strengths

We engage students in high quality, hands-on working and understanding STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and provide world class learning experiences.

Most of the classrooms in Leaders International School are technology enabled. Our Smart Classroom have multiple integrated devices that are connected for enhanced teaching methodologies.

We provide an online access to all the students to revise the concepts taught in classroom at home and do revision exercises too to improve their understanding on any topic.

3-D LAB:
In a 3-D lab, the children can print the objects in 3-D that they can imagine and decide its feasibility on their own and explore their imagination. This promotes healthy and educative learning.