Chairperson Message

Leaders International School

At LEADERS GROUP OF SCHOOLS, we believe in making each child expressive, innovative and also to inculcate the life skills. Here, quality education is imparted by unique teaching methodology inquiry - based learning, which helps the child to excel in listening speaking, reading and writing.

While working towards achieving our mission of nurturing young minds, we focus upon creating a culturally appropriate environment by providing them the best educators and opportunities that will help them realize their true potential.

We, at Leaders International School truly believe that education is not about making the learners literate or restricting them merely for reading and writing it's about broadening their mental horizons, broadening their thinking, enriching their experiences, empowering them with knowledge and skills, inculcating values, developing their personal social skills, making them self - reliant and regulated, imparting awareness about health and safety, building a sense of physical wellness, igniting their enquiry skills and creating a need for citizenship. It is also necessary for them to be technology savvy and to strengthen their mathematic acumen making them the prospective leaders of tomorrow.

I will continue in my endeavor to engage in excellence to provide emulating environment at Leaders group of Schools for children to learn with fun.